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Book III

The Words of the Wandering

Ivy Lovely needs to look to the future but keeps being pulled back into the past...

As Ivy’s power grows, so does the Dark Queen’s intent to destroy her. Ivy has no idea where to find the third segment of the Kindred Stone, the stone which will restore all her queenly power. A circus ends in chaos, an enemy turns over a new leaf, a protector can't be trusted. Can Ivy work with friends – new and old – to recover what was lost?

The stakes have never been higher.


An imaginatively complex world peopled by a well-drawn cast of vulnerable, villainous, sympathetic, tragic, and very human characters who come to life on the page.
Kirkus Reviews
A captivating story about magic, friendship, and destiny.
Foreword Reviews
Royalty, dragons, a battle of magic quills, and a growing darkness are elements bound to capture fans of the fantasy genre.
The Children's Book Review
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